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Improve the contours of your eyes by undergoing Fraxel New York.

 Ensure that the beauty of your eyes will not be overshadowed by dark circles and deep bags using this treatment.

Brilliant Eyes with Fraxel New York

When a person ages, one of the body parts that do not seem to age are the eyes. However, while the actual eyes do not change, the area around it does. For example, the tear trough, which is the area between the cheek and the lower eyelids, may darken and sunken with the time. As a result, the person may look tired permanently, and the beauty of the eyes will not be so noticeable. When this change happens, topical medications will not be of any use, as the problem stems from the lack of collagen. Fortunately, Michele Green, a popular dermatologist in New York City, offers some services that will bring back the beauty of your eye area.

Michele Green uses what is known as the Restylane method, which is similar to collagen shots. However, in this case, the dermatologist injects a substance called Restylane into the tear trough to prevent the eyes from looking sunken. The chemical is injected deep into the tissues so that the outcome will look more natural. One shot under each eye is good enough to last for a single year. 

For a more permanent method of skin resurfacing, Dr. Michele Green uses Fraxel New York, which is a technique that uses lasers to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and bags from underneath the eyes. The lasers used are smaller than normal, and the beam is so precise that it will be easier for the dermatologist to trace the outline of the tear trough. As a result, the surrounding cells will not be affected by the power of the laser. 

Fraxel New York is generally used with Botox and Dysport to completely remove the presence of deeper lines and wrinkles like the crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes. The treatment is quite quick and painless. Results can be seen immediately after each session. Michele Green also offers her patients a therapy called the SKINBRIGHTRX as a maintenance product after a patient has undergone Fraxel. This is a set of topical medications that will help lighten the skin underneath the eyes. As an eye cream, it also helps prevent eye bags, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.